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Business Mobility
Office Services
Other Business Solutions

Business Services for British Columbia Professionals

Pacific CoastCom is well-versed in the telecom needs of businesses operating in British Columbia and throughout Western Canada. Professional networks, devices, and resources must be dependable to support the daily and weekly tasks and communication that run today’s businesses. We understand the gravity of reliable internet and wireless services and value your trust in our company to provide these solutions. Our collection of business services ensures your data and telecom needs get handled by stable, high-speed networks that connect you with the regional and global business world.

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Choose from Our Business Telecom Solutions

Your business workload may include regular telecommunication and internet correspondence with customers and collaborators, which require reliable network connections for your devices. Pacific CoastCom offers solutions for these situations and others with a comprehensive list of business telecom services to address daily operations in offices, remote worksites, and other professional settings. We help you run your business efficiently and productively with all the following services:

Office Services

Pacific CoastCom supports office activities with a collection of telecom services like Business Connect™, which helps you manage cash flow, stay in touch with customers, and maintain better productivity. We also provide businesses with options for security, reliable internet for business, and other services, such as Wireline. Your professional workload is more easily manageable with the office services we provide.

Business Mobility

You might spend some or all of your work week away from the office or physical headquarters, so we offer business mobility solutions to ensure you always stay connected. We keep you in touch with your colleagues and customers through our wireless options, which allow you to talk, text, and use apps and internet with a reliable network. If you have items that require monitoring while they’re in use or transport, you can take advantage of our GPS tracking service.

Other Business Solutions

Our goal is to offer business services that encompass all your telecom needs, whether you’re in an office or at a remote worksite. You can stay connected with coworkers and customers in close proximity or across the globe at the touch of a button with our satellite and two-way radio options. Having two-way radios ensures clear communication within a professional team during a project. If your remote location doesn’t accommodate telecom services, we can provide options to link you to a satellite with global reach.

Get the Services You Need from Pacific CoastCom

Let Pacific CoastCom help your business find the right TELUS Mobility offers. We have outstanding options for small and medium businesses. Contact us or visit one of our locations today to discuss the services your business requires to maintain communication and productivity.

As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!