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Take Advantage of Great Deals on Service Bundles

Pacific CoastCom has partnered with TELUS and Optik TV to provide customers all throughout British Columbia with great deals on TV and internet bundles. We have all types of bundles to help you save money on your services, no matter your needs. Whether you’re a single customer and only need a basic package or are sharing your internet with a full family, there’s a bundle for you. Read about TELUS internet, Optik TV, and available packages. When you’re ready, visit one of our locations to chat with our team of experts. We’ll help you find a bundle and offer that works with your needs and budget.








group family and friends playing video games in living room

TELUS Internet

TELUS internet is fast, reliable, and affordable. You can enjoy the powerful 100% fibre connection speeds with us. TELUS PureFibre Gigabit internet is only $89 and month when you bundle it with TELUS Mobility. This helps you cover your mobile plan and home internet for less.








The Best Internet for Gaming

Are you playing competitive Esports games or launching your career as a streamer? TELUS Internet speeds provide you with the secure, fast connection you need to never miss a moment. We’ve even partnered with Valve and Steam to give you direct peering and cached titles on our network. This gives you the best gaming experience in Canada.

Ask about our unlimited data plans and two-year price guarantees for the best internet Canada has to offer for gaming.








100% Fibre Optic Connection

TELUS internet provides 100% fibre optic connection. This means faster download and upload speeds without premium prices. TELUS has been Canada’s fastest ISP and Western Canada’s only major provider of 100% fibre optic connections.  This means nine times faster upload speeds than competitors. Enjoy speeds up to 1,500 Mbps download and 940 Mbps upload, allowing you to download movies, games, TV shows, and more almost instantly. In today’s modern world of streaming, it’s vital to have a fast and reliable connection to enjoy your content. TELUS fibre connection speeds are so fast that everyone in the house can stream their own content in your house without worrying about interrupting each other.




Optik TV

Surf live TV and stream all the services you want with Optik TV through Pacific CoastCom! Optik TV is fast, reliable, and affordable, allowing you to stream your favourite shows, sports, movies, and more. Plus, it includes traditional TV with your streaming services. Never worry about missing out on the big game or paying too much for streaming. Save with streaming services and live TV all in one simple, affordable plan. Plus, you don’t have to juggle different platforms or pay for anything you aren’t using. You’re free to add, remove, and swap out streaming services, live sports, and more, every 30 days. Watch the biggest live TV events, stream the latest movies, and get the news you need with the flexibility to change what’s important to you every month. Plus, we include the newest services as well, such as Calm and Openfit.

Our Optik TV bundles with TELUS internet let you get everything you need for less.




As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!