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Mobile Telecom Services for Less in British Columbia

Pacific CoastCom offers various mobility services to help our customers in British Columbia connect wirelessly using their smartphones, tablets, and other devices. With exclusive discounts from our employee purchase plan (EPP) program, eligible users can expect the same outstanding networks, devices, and services we provide every customer at a lower cost. You can depend on our services because we work with Western Canada’s trusted wireless providers, including TELUS and Koodo. If you’re eligible for our EPP program, let us help you spend less to get the same wireless networks and devices all our customers enjoy.

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Wireless Connection Solutions Wherever You Go

When Pacific CoastCom provides mobility services through our EPP program, you can reduce the expenses of staying connected on your smartphone, tablet, and other devices. We make sure you get the same dependable network and speed at home and wherever you venture in Canada. Our mobility services for your personal use include the following:


By working with this brand, we give you access to the latest devices and a widespread wireless network. You can even choose smartphones from top-end manufacturers like LG, Samsung, and Google. Koodo also provides excellent coverage across Canada to keep you connected to your email, social media, apps, reliable texting, and clear calls to friends and family.




TELUS Wireless

We offer wireless service with a reliable network through TELUS, which is a reputable brand for telecom services for homes and businesses throughout Western Canada. With TELUS wireless, you stay connected to the world using your mobile phone to search the internet, text friends, and make calls while sitting at home or exploring the cities and towns of the Great White North.


Other Mobility Solutions

Pacific CoastCom has additional offerings for wireless needs other than your smartphone. We also provide customers with a wide selection of devices and plans that include tablets, smartwatches, and wireless home phones. While you’re driving, you can stay connected using TELUS Drive+ to turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot and get wireless updates. You get flexibility and affordability with TELUS Prepaid, and you can forego the credit checks, term contracts, and commitment that typically accompany other wireless plans.




Trust Pacific CoastCom with Your Connection

After years of providing reliable wireless connection and devices to customers in Western Canada, Pacific CoastCom knows the value of quality mobility services. Contact us today or visit a location to discover the many ways we can keep you connected affordably.


As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!