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Pacific CoastCom Offers Data Plans for Travel Abroad

If you’re looking to travel for an international vacation or are frequently out of Canada for work, Pacific CoastCom in British Columbia has a budget-friendly solution. Depending on your wireless service provider, we offer multiple plans to help you avoid unexpected charges while supporting your budget. There’s a lot to worry about when planning a vacation, but we provide data plans for travel abroad. Talk to one of our representatives to learn more about our services and how they can help you.


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What is Data Roaming?

You’ve probably heard the words data roaming used when talking about traveling abroad. Data roaming is when your smartphone leaves your carrier’s coverage and is no longer connected to your traditional home network. Your wireless provider has agreements with specific networks to ensure service throughout Canada. Still, that coverage isn’t available when you travel abroad. Simply put, roaming is when your mobile phone connects to a network not part of your original contract. Pacific CoastCom has partnered with TELUS and Koodo wireless to offer data roaming plans.


Travel Made Easier with TELUS Mobile Roaming Plans


Traveling is full of possible issues, but your mobile phone shouldn’t be one of them. When considering traveling outside Canada, look into TELUS roaming plans to avoid unexpected charges. We want to make your travel as easy as possible while you stay connected for less. TELUS offers multiple plans designed to fit your needs and budget. You can access exclusive services and benefits when utilizing the easy roam plan. Some benefits include access to nurses if traveling in the U.S. and discounts on vacation packages.


TELUS wireless offers two romancing plans, and they have:


  • Easy Roam – With this plan, you get unlimited talk and text while receiving the same amount of mobile data you get monthly with your standard plan. Easy roam’s costs depend on your destination. If you’re heading to the U.S., it’s $12 a day, but to over 200 international destinations, it’s $15 a day.
  • Pay-Per-Use – As stated by the name, it costs to make phone calls, text, and data. It’s $0.75 per text, $1.60 per minute of a phone call, and $5.00 per MB of data.

Affordable Data Roaming Plans from Koodo Mobile

Koodo makes using your cell phone easy and cost-effective while traveling abroad. They offer their Koodo easy room package that allows you to stay connected to loved ones and only pay for the days you use abroad. Easy roam will be activated when making or answer a call, sending a text, or using data. With their plan, you’ll be able to use your mobile phone like at home. By offering easy-to-understand and transparent plans, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll spend while roaming. As a bonus, you’ll gain access to registered nurses 24/7 via phone while using their easy roam plan.


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Here is a look at the cost of Koodo’s easy roam plan:


  • Easy Roam – This phone plan has two variations depending on your travel destination. If you’re heading to the U.S., it costs $12 a day to use your monthly plans, talk, text, and data, and if you’re heading to one of 200 plus interaction destinations, it’s $15 a day.


  • Pay-Per-Use – No worries if you prefer not to use the easy roam plan. We offer a pay-per-use model. It’s $1.60 per minute, $10 per 50MB of data. Outgoing texts are $10 per 100.


Be Prepared When Travel Abroad

Preparing for your vacation should be as easy and as stress-free as possible. Be sure you can use your phone when needed abroad. Whether you use TELUS or Koodo, they have data roaming plans perfect for you. Other mobile home servicers charge outrageous carrier prices, but with Pacific CoastCom, you can avoid additional charges. Stay connected and share your fantastic vacation photographs with friends and family. Feel safe while traveling with Koodo and TELUS’ access to licensed registered nurses while traveling in the U.S. Contact us to learn more about these plans and how you can get set up with one today.


As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!