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Additional Connection Solutions from Pacific CoastCom

Pacific CoastCom understands the telecom needs of businesses that manage their operations outside an office setting. Many industries send their employees into the forests, cruising the highways, and walking the streets of urban areas. Whether your business cuts down trees, manufactures goods, or hosts events of all sizes, clear communication is essential for business productivity and your workers’ safety. Customers throughout British Columbia turn to us for other business solutions, including satellite and two-way radio services.




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Telecom Services to Keep You Connected Anywhere

A wireless signal is not always available wherever you go, nor is it always necessary to use a mobile phone to communicate with coworkers. Pacific CoastCom keeps you connected whether you’re in a remote area or keeping tabs on a driver’s location in a city. We help our customers talk, text, and access the internet with the following services:





When there is little to no cellular connectivity in a remote area, having a satellite link allows you to communicate for work or distress reasons. Spot X from GlobalStar lets you manage two-way texting to stay connected with customers and colleagues, as well as search and rescue in emergency situations. Our satellite phones have all the features of mobile phones with a satellite connection through Iridium or GlobalStar. The inReach two-way communicator allows you to text for help if you get lost in the wild. Working in a remote location doesn’t have to prevent you from using all the beneficial apps and features of a smartphone. Iridium and GlobalStar provide multiple access points to connect your Wi-Fi device and smartphone.


Two-Way Radio

You can easily communicate with other team members in any location using Kenwood two-way radios. Whether you’re in a remote area or at a worksite in the center of a thriving metropolis, we have your telecom needs covered with these dependable radios. They are battery-operated and can be recharged using a charging unit or a car jack. Any radio within range can communicate as long as it’s on the same frequency, and we offer unlicensed formats, as well as UHF and VHF formats. These two-way radios work well in various industries, including public services, logging, transport, manufacturing, government, hotels, restaurants, and conference centres.




We Serve Customers in British Columbia

Pacific CoastCom is ready to help you find the affordable satellite and radio services you need to keep your business communication accessible for emergencies and productivity. Contact us today with any questions and visit any of our British Columbia locations to discuss our available devices and services.


As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!