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Get on Koodo’s Speedy & Reliable Network

Pacific CoastCom has an extensive collection of communication solutions for our customers in British Columbia. As part of our wireless options, we offer Koodo’s affordable plans and devices to keep you connected. Koodo lets you enjoy savings on your wireless plan while using their speedy and reliable network. We can provide the latest offers on the devices and plans, and you can bundle your new Koodo service with TELUS Home Solutions technology to receive an additional discount. Working with us to resolve your telecom needs is a cost-effective method that connects you to some of the best providers and networks available on the market today. When we set you up with a plan with Koodo, you get access to dependable wireless service along with a selection of the latest devices to make everyday communication clear and easy. Your business may rely on constant communication between colleagues, customers, and third-party collaborators to keep daily operations running optimally. Using Koodo as a wireless service ensures your important calls and messages are just a couple taps away.




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Reap the Benefits of a Reliable Network

When you opt for a network plan with Koodo, you get more than a lower monthly bill on wireless services. Your investment in a device and plan has a value that surpasses the cost savings. Pacific CoastCom proudly offers this service for customers due to great benefits at affordable rates, and we invite our new and current patrons to explore the many perks of turning to Koodo through us. For example, you have countless phones to choose from for your communication needs, including models from reputable brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, and Google. Koodo also offers excellent coverage across Canada for clear and dependable calls throughout Western Canada and beyond. You also have the option for shock-free data that allows you to search the internet and use apps without any issues, so you’re consistently connected at a stable monthly price. All these advantages and more come with fast and reliable service at any time.




Reach Out to Us for Service Today

Getting a speedy and reliable wireless network with the latest devices is within easy reach when you contact Pacific CoastCom. Our company will help you find a comprehensive wireless plan at an affordable price with Koodo. If you have any questions about Koodo or how we connect you with their reliable service, contact us today.


As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!