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British Columbia, CA’s Premier Source for Koodo Wireless Plans

Get on Koodo’s Speedy & Reliable Network

Step into the future of mobility and internet service with Koodo’s fast, reliable wireless network. Pacific CoastCom has an extensive collection of communication solutions for our customers throughout British Columbia, Canada. As part of our wireless options are affordable plans and devices from Koodo to keep you connected. Known for its robust, dependable service network, Koodo Mobile lets you enjoy savings on a wireless plan you can always count on.

Whether you’re switching carriers or simply looking for new service, Pacific CoastCom is the cost-effective method of resolving your telecom needs by connecting you with some of the best providers and networks available in today’s market. Learn more about our Koodo wireless plans at Pacific CoastCom today.




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Wireless Service Redefined

Koodo is far from your ordinary service provider. If your business relies on constant communication between colleagues, customers, and third-party collaborators to keep your daily operations running smoothly, we are delighted to feature Koodo in our suite of services, delivering unbeatable value that stretches beyond just overhead savings.

When we set you up with a service plan with Koodo, you’ll get access to an exceptional network along with an impressive selection of the latest devices to make everyday communication clear and convenient. Using Koodo as a wireless service means you’ll experience coverage that spans the entire Canadian landscape, ensuring all your important calls are crisp and your messages are mere taps away.

Reap the Advantages of the Koodo Wireless Network

When you opt for a network plan with Koodo at Pacific CoastCom, you get more than a lower monthly bill for wireless service. Imagine shock-free data plans that allow you to search the internet and use apps without fail, keeping you connected at a stable monthly price. Take your pick from the most current devices from renowned brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google. Enjoy clear, multifaceted communications throughout Western Canada, across the nation, and beyond. All these advantages and other exclusive benefits come with a robust wireless network directly at your fingertips.

Choose Pacific CoastCom for Koodo Services

Pacific CoastCom proudly offers our customers this service due to the great benefits at budget-friendly rates, and we invite both new and current patrons to explore the many perks of turning to Koodo through us.

As a TELUS Platinum Partner and recipient of the Top TELUS Dealership in Western Canada Award for 10 consecutive years, Pacific CoastCom has proven its merit in the communications industry. From wireless plans and SmartHome security solutions to premium TV and home entertainment technology, we are your go-to hub for all your communication needs. And with ten physical locations across BC, we’re as local as it gets. Find one of our convenient locations near you, where we can support your mobility service needs from coast to coast.

Get Connected to Koodo Wireless Service Today

Our team at Pacific CoastCom is here to facilitate a smooth transition to Koodo wireless service, offering comprehensive mobility plans and services tailored to both individuals and enterprises. When you partner with Pacific CoastCom for your wireless needs, you’ll get all the benefits of cutting-edge technology, along with exceptional expertise and personalized customer service. Have questions? We’re just a call or click away. Contact us and discover all the latest wireless plans and devices today.

As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!