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Logo of LifeLock™ by Norton Logo - Pacific CoastCom in Burnaby, BC

Life Lock Data Breach site: See if we find your info on the dark web, By simply entering your email, we search for potential threats to your identity

Secure vpn and taxes through mobiles and laptops at Burnaby, BC

Canada’s most comprehensive all-in-one online protection.

Get superior protection for your devices, online privacy and identity with TELUS Online Security Standard Powered by NortonLifelockTM

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Get cyber protection plans that work for your needs starting at $6/month.

Compare our TELUS Online Security Plan
Features Basic Standard Complete Ultimate
$6/Month $10/Month $15/Month $20/Month
Includes PC, Mac, IOS and Android Up to 2 devices Up to 2 devices Up to 10 devices Up to 20 devices
Device Security
Password Manager
Secure VPN Up to 2 devices Up to 2 devices Up to 10 devices Ultimate $20/Month
Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLockTM
Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts
Investment Account Activity Alerts
Credit Monitoring Alerts 1-Bureau 1-Bureau 2-Bureau
One-Bureau Credit Score Trend
One-Bureau Credit Report & Credit Score Annual On-demand Daily On-demand Daily On-demand
Full-Service Identity Restoration
Identity Theft Reimbursement Coverage Up to $25,000 Up to $100,000 Up to $1M
Help in the event of identity theft

You’re not alone. A Restoration Specialist is on your side

Having your identity stolen can be overwhelming. Rest easy, knowing a dedicated specialist will handle your case from start to finish, helping restore your identity.

We’ll cover your eligible expenses

Should you become a victim of identity theft, the Identity Theft Reimbursement Coverage is here to help. Coverage for lawyers and experts will be provided up to the limit of your plan, if needed to help resolve your case. Read legal footnote2

Monitor suspicious activity

The faster you discover unauthorized accounts, the better. With the Norton 360 app, it’s easy to access your credit report and credit score from a major credit bureau.Read legal footnote3, Read legal footnote4

How TELUS Online Security safeguards your personal information

Share your information confidently and securely from your device.

Browse and share information on the web confidently knowing your devices have protection against unsafe links, malicious downloads, virus-ridden or fraudulent websites, and cybercriminal scams.

Protect your identity and information with Secure VPN

Keep your online activity private. Connect to the internet and share your information, and pay your bills safely at home or on the go with the reassurance of bank-grade encryption.

Get dark web notifications on potential threats

Cybercriminals can meet anonymously on dark web sites to make illegal purchases of personal information. Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLockTM continuously patrols the dark web and private forums looking for personal information or fraudulent tax returns with your identity. You’ll be notified so you can take proactive action to protect yourself.