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Save Money with Our TELUS EPP Program

Pacific CoastCom appreciates the impact we make on people’s daily lives in British Columbia. Whether through fast and reliable internet, clear talking and texting on a mobile device, or countless channels of entertaining shows and movies on TV, our services help homes and businesses. Our telecom services come at affordable prices to ensure our customers get premium wireless and home connections at reasonable rates, but we can save you more with our employee purchase plan (EPP) program. This EPP program is available to company employees who are partnered with us. Through our connection with TELUS, we offer eligible recipients exclusive discounts on such services as wireless devices and networks, home TV and internet, and home security.

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Spend Less on the Services You Already Use

With the EPP program we offer eligible TELUS and Pacific CoastCom partners, you can enjoy lower rates on various wireless and home services. Many people use their TVs, mobile phones, computers, and other devices frequently throughout their regular week, so saving on the services that support their usual activities adds substantial value. When you contact us or visit one of our locations, a staff member will gladly discuss how the EPP program can apply the following services:


Using the employee purchase program can save you on your monthly expenses for mobility services through TELUS and Pacific CoastCom. The wireless network and coverage from TELUS keep you in touch with the world with a few taps on your phone. Don’t forget to apply these exclusive discounts to your tablet, smartwatch, and wireless home phone. We can help you find solutions to your wireless needs at home and while wandering Western Canada.

Home Services

Your TV, internet, and home security are vital components to keeping you and your family safe, entertained, and connected to the world. When you apply the EPP program to acquire any of these home services, you can lower your monthly costs while receiving reliable and high-speed internet and enjoying your favorite shows and movies. Thanks to our association with TELUS, Pacific CoastCom can offer applicable partners these discounts on the services they already depend on in your daily lives.

Pacific CoastCom Helps You Connect

When you rely on Pacific CoastCom for your wireless network, TV, internet, and other mobility and home services, you get more value for your money. Our EPP program is another way we help eligible customers connect to high-speed internet and countless TV channels at home for less. Contact us or visit one of our locations today to learn more about this program and the many services we offer.

As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!