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Other Mobility Services for British Columbia Customers

You should have choices about your wireless connectivity that surpass the walls of your home. Pacific CoastCom helps you stay in motion with our collection of other mobility solutions. These plans and devices are designed for your freedom and flexibility with outstanding coverage and affordable prices. Our goal is to fulfill your wireless needs without restricting you to unreasonable boundaries on your service. That is why our telecom options include a wide array of devices with plans that encompass all the data and coverage you need while you explore British Columbia and Western Canada. Your wireless plan shouldn’t bind you to a small service area with limited use. Choose a plan that works for your communication needs on tablets, smartwatches, wireless home phones, and more. We will keep you untethered with technological advancements from TELUS.




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Wireless Service for Tablets, Smartwatches, & More

Pacific CoastCom has an assortment of telecom solutions that extend beyond the typical mobility options of other service providers. We value your freedom and want to keep you connected wherever you go with various technological devices and plans. You get flexible options that fit within your budget at home, on the road, and wherever you wander.


Our other solutions for your wireless connection include the following:



We have a large selection of tablets and plans for you to choose from that share data on Canada’s largest wireless network.


Drive+ from TELUS is the latest in connected car technology that provides real-time vehicle alerts and other smart notifications, and it turns your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot.


You find the latest releases in smartwatches at Pacific CoastCom. Choose the model that best suits your style and needs and pay $0 upfront using TELUS Easy Payment® *Please note taxes are due upfront.

Wireless Home Phone

This option is an affordable alternative to replace your traditional home phone. You can make calls over Canada’s biggest and fastest wireless network using your existing home phone handset.


TELUS Prepaid helps you stay connected for less with greater flexibility and plans starting as low as $10. You get dependable communication without the term contracts, credit checks, or commitment that tether you to standard phone plans.



Let Your Devices Wander with You

Don’t limit yourself to confining wireless service plans. Pacific CoastCom is here to help you find devices, data, and coverage that roam with you in your personal life. Whether you need an affordable home phone plan or a prepaid option that frees you from term contracts and credit checks, we have a collection of wireless solutions. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.


As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!