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TV & Internet at Friendly Prices with Our EPP Program

People typically appreciate getting the best value for the money they spend on their telecom services. Fortunately, Pacific CoastCom offers further savings on home service solutions with our employee purchase plan (EPP) program. The EPP program offers exclusive discounts on TV, internet, and other residential solutions to company employees who have partnered with Pacific CoastCom and our associated network providers. We gladly offer this program to all eligible customers at any of our locations in British Columbia.

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Save on Your Home Services with This Exclusive Discount

Pacific CoastCom’s EPP program gives you access to outstanding home services that accommodate our entertainment, communication, and security needs. You might want assurance that your home is safe, or your remote work requires a speedy and reliable internet connection. When you’re eligible for the EPP program’s discounts, you get the same high-quality service we provide all our customers at a lower cost.

Our home services include the following:
Smarthome Security

Your home is an investment of time, money, and love, and your family deserves protection from potential intruders with malicious intent. You can keep both safe with smarthome security to watch over those people and things precious to you. Our home security solution monitors your home to ensure you’re always aware if something happens and prompt emergency help is on the way.


Countless channels or your favorite shows and movies are just a click or tap away with Pacific CoastCom’s TV options like Optik TV. This telecom service gives you hundreds of channels with a large number of them in high-definition (HD). You can record up to three channels at a time using just one personal video recorder, and you have access to stream your Optik TV package on a smartphone, tablet, or computer while away from home.


Whether your home is in a suburban neighborhood, a thriving urban area, or out in the country, we have internet solutions that connect you to the world. With TELUS PureFibre, you get high-speed internet over a fibre optic line to support your internet browsing, media streaming, and other digital services. If you live in a rural area without access to PureFibre, we offer an ideal Wi-Fi solution from TELUS Smart Hub. This option connects you to the TELUS LTE Network with various package options to suit your needs.

Get Affordable TV and Internet in British Columbia

Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our locations to learn more about our home services and whether you qualify for the EPP program. Contact us with any questions regarding home TV, internet, and security, and let us connect you with reliable solutions to your browsing and entertainment needs.

As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!