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British Columbia, Canada’s Source for TELUS Wireless Plans

Join Canada’s Most Awarded Network

Take a quantum leap in mobile connectivity with Pacific CoastCom’s exquisite range of TELUS Wireless services. With more than 34 years of experience and ten locations throughout British Columbia, Canada, we’re bringing you a mobile experience that’s light years ahead. From voice-only phones to fully-featured smartphones and tablets, Pacific CoastCom will fit you with the right device. We offer the full range of premium devices and TELUS Mobility plans suitable for a single subscriber or sharing data amongst the entire family. Discover TELUS and enjoy 5G+ speeds on an award-winning network that keeps you connected across Canada.

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A TELUS Mobility Phone Plan for Everyone

TELUS is one of the leading mobile companies in Canada with the social purpose of giving back to their communities with world-leading technology. Pacific CoastCom is proud to offer TELUS Mobility solutions due to their broad network reach, speed, reliability, and affordability that continue to set new industry benchmarks.

With our plans through TELUS, you can tailor your plan to fit your unique lifestyle and select the device that fits your needs and budget. Enjoy seamless, high-speed streaming, gaming, and more, all powered by TELUS’s award-winning 5G network that spans Canada from coast to coast.

TELUS Mobile Internet – High-Speed Reliability

Say goodbye to dead zones and dropped connections. TELUS Mobile Internet plans keep you connected to a network renowned for its speed and reliability. The TELUS network gives you incredible upload and download speeds, world-class coverage, and the stability to handle all your devices. Get connected on a TELUS Mobile Internet plan and enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Reliable Coverage – TELUS Mobile Internet uses the same high-speed network as your phone, allowing you to stay connected across Canada.
  • Multiple Connections – Connect up to as many as 30 devices on TELUS High-Speed Internet with Smart Hub.
  • 24/7 Expert Help – Should you ever hit a snag, expert technicians are available around the clock to get you back on track.

Connect Additional Devices on Your TELUS Plan

Why limit yourself to just smartphones when TELUS Wireless offers you all of the latest gadgets and devices? Tablets, smartwatches, or your next smart gadget – connect them all to the same network without a hitch. With TELUS, we make it easier than ever to add connected devices to your account. TELUS plans allow you to effortlessly connect additional devices to your existing account and enjoy unlimited data for an affordable rate. Experience Canada’s fastest wireless network and connect additional devices such as:

  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Additional Phone Lines
  • Other Smart Devices Using an Internet Connection

Connect to the TELUS Network With Pacific CoastCom Today

As a TELUS Platinum Partner and multi-year recipient of the Top TELUS Dealership in Western Canada Award, Pacific CoastCom brings a blend of quality products, services, and customer care that’s tough to beat. What fuels us is the satisfaction from countless customers we’ve helped throughout the BC region.

Whether you know exactly what type of plan you want or need some help deciding on a TELUS Mobility plan that works for you, we’re your local wireless partner with many convenient locations in British Columbia. Let us help you get the best deal for your budget and unique needs on Canada’s fastest and most reliable wireless network. Contact our team at Pacific CoastCom or step into one of our locations today.

Sign Up Today

Whether you know exactly what type of plan you want or need some help deciding on a TELUS mobility plan that works for you, we’re here to help. Our team of trained experts is standing by to help you get the best deal for your budget and needs on Canada’s fastest and most reliable network. Contact us today or stop by one of our locations today!

As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!