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Promotional image of the Sonim XP7 product range, available in British Columbia
Introducing the Sonim XP7 – The Tough Android Phone That’s Up to Any Work Challenge

The Sonim XP7 is the only rugged Android phone that goes beyond IP68 & Mil-Spec 810G standards. With voice and data, and built for Push To Talk, the Sonim XP7 is not just durable, it also delivers more features than other rugged work phones.

Damage Coverage for Three Years

The Sonim XP7 is the only rugged smartphone that comes with a 3-year comprehensive warranty covering even accidental damage.

Keep Your Gloves On

The 4” Gorilla® Glass 2 with Glove Touch, Planview Display touchscreen is easily viewed in bright sun, and can also be used with dirty or wet work gloves.

Not Afraid of the Elements

With its magnetic charging port and Corning® Gorilla Glass® 2, the XP7 is shock-resistant, dustproof and water-resistant.

Noise Is No Problem

The Sonim XP7 can be used around noisy machinery thanks to its extra-loud speaker and noise cancellation feature.

Durable and Productive

With the Sonim XP7, you get access to productivity apps as well as industrial grade accessories to help you keep your business going.