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Frog with protective gloves, symbolizing our safe and responsible services in British Columbia
Remote Worker Safety Is in Reach

inReach is the first device to offer a reliable two-way connection for routine or emergency communication, on the world’s only truly global satellite network. No wonder it’s becoming a preferred means of connecting and protecting employees that work-off-the-grid.

InReach puts amazing functionality in the palm of your hand:

A palm-sized communicator that works where cell phones don’t, the inReach SE allows you to breathe easier knowing that even the most isolated individuals can request help and be reached and rescued, anywhere in the world.

– Reliable two-way text messaging to/from any cell or email address

– Trigger an SOS and communicate with emergency monitoring personnel

– Audible message alerts

– Share your journey with others or view your GPS coordinates

– Long lasting rechargeable battery

– Waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant

– 100% global coverage through the Iridium satellite network

– Can be paired with your smartphone or tablet for backcountry navigation and enhanced messaging

The inReach SE is an easy and affordable means of addressing employer duty of care concerns. Mitigate risk for everyone from the remote field to the C-suite — protect your workforce with inReach.