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Experience Pacific CoastCom’s New Home Phone Plans

Take control of your landline with TELUS home phone plans from Pacific CoastCom in British Columbia. We offer flexible home phone plans perfect for your lifestyle and your budget. Whether working from home or calling loved ones, the TELUS landline is for you. The TELUS home phone has additional calling features to help you keep track of calls while removing unwanted telemarketers. Your new phone plan can be added to your current TELUS and Koodo mobile plan. Call us to see how easy it would be to set up your new TELUS landline.


Find the Right Home Phone Plan for You

We’re proud to offer two flexible home phone plans designed with you in mind. We offer an occasional caller and a frequent caller plan. Each has its benefits and price points. You should check if the TELUS home phone is available in your area. If you’re looking for further savings, try bundling your new home phone with our TELUS internet services to get an additional ten dollars off a month.


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Here is a look at the plans we offer and their details:

  • Occasional Callers – This is what we consider a phone plan lite starting at $30 a month. This line offers one of our calling features, unlimited local calling, and primary access to our call control package. Call control is a feature designed to help limit robocalls to ensure that only friends and family can get a hold of you.
  • Frequent Callers – An upgraded flexible phone plan starts at $30 monthly. This package includes nine calling features, unlimited local calling, and primary access to our call control package. Be sure to ask about how to upgrade!

What Features Are Available For the TELUS Home Phone?

When you use a TELUS landline, you gain access to either one or all of our calling features. Your access depends on your monthly plan. You can upgrade your monthly plan if you need access to the other calling features. The features range from a call display to a smart ring. It’s a way we offer our customers exactly what they want while removing the extras they don’t.


Landline Phone

The calling features we offer include the following:

  • Call Display – See the name and number of the incoming caller.
  • Call Screen – Gives you the ability to send pre-determined numbers to a standard recording.
  • Call Waiting – You’ll be able to answer a second incoming call when already on a call.
  • Voicemail – Incoming calls are sent to a personalized mailbox allowing you to get messages while out and about.
  • 3-Way Calling – Add a third party to an existing call. Helpful for this who work remotely.
  • Call Return – See the number of the last call you received and whether you could answer it or not.
  • Call Forward – Automatically forward incoming calls to a number you can change when necessary.
  • Smart Ring – A second telephone number with an individual ring to help you determine who and what individuals are calling about.


What is Call Control?

Our call control is a unique feature for our TELUS landlines. On the surface, it’s a great way to weed out robot callers and ensure that only real people can make it through to you. The feature works by any number you do not specifically put on an official call list will get a recorded message. This recorded message asks the individual to enter a number to allow the call through. We offer two packages for call control. All our customers receive the basic, but you can ask to upgrade to our premium call control. With the basic, you can save a maximum of 25 numbers, and the premium has 100 numbers you can save.


Leaders in Flexible Home Phone Plans

At Pacific CastCom, we want our customers to feel in control of their home phone plans. We believe that letting the customer decide what they need regarding features and offering flexible home plans creates an environment where the customer feels listened to and ends up happy. TELUS home plans are perfect for our older customers and individuals who work remotely and are looking to add a second line for work calls. You can feel safe from spam calls with our call control features. To find out how we can help you more, call one of our representatives to schedule an installation today.



As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!