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Keeping Our Customers and Team Safe in Response to COVID-19

At Pacific CoastCom, our customers and our team are our top priority. We’re taking all of the appropriate safety precautions to protect and support you. Fast and reliable access to information and health services has never been more essential, and we’re here to help.

We’re following the lead of global, national, and provincial health authorities and working hand-in-hand with our Medical Advisory Board of experts in occupational health and safety, public health, TELUS Health, and infectious diseases to make informed and timely decisions to help keep us all safe.

We’re also leveraging our health technology to offer virtual healthcare options that lessen the burden on the Canadian healthcare system.

We make every effort to protect the health and wellbeing of our customers and staff by:

  • Implementing social distancing measures, including limiting the number of customers in-store and reconfiguring our service desks to ensure a 2m distance
  • Adding plexiglass barriers to all workstations for the extra layer of safety
  • Requiring that all employees wear masks and encouraging customers to do the same
  • Implementing Daily Health Checks, inclusive of temperature, for all Pacific CoastCom employees before their shift start
  • Introducing a touchless purchase experience including over the phone consultations and curbside pick up
  • Enhanced in-store hygiene for customers and employees

As a TELUS Platinum Dealer, you get all of the benefits & technology of TELUS, but with superior, personalized customer service!