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Smart home security system image, services available in British Columbia

Keep an eye on your home 24/7 with real-time monitoring and the latest smart technology. Plans start from just $20 per month with TELUS Secure, when bundled with TELUS Home or Mobility services.

Here’s a quick look at the plans:

Secure ($20/mo.*): Perfect for those looking for a basic security system. Includes over $600 in equipment value.

Protect ($28/mo.*): Great for singles and couples living on their own. Feel secure knowing what’s happening when you’re not around. Includes over $900 in security and smart devices with this plan.

Control ($33/mo.*): Got pets, kids, or parents living with you? Know what’s happening in and out of the home to keep everybody safe and sound. Get at least $1000 in security and smart devices included with this plan.

Contact Pacific CoastCom or visit any of our locations for more information.

Bundle and Save

*Monthly price Includes $10 discount for TELUS home and $10 discount for TELUS mobility services, with a 3 year or 5-year term