GlobalStar and Iridium offer satellite connected access points for your smartphone and other wifi devices.

Sat-FiandPhoneGlobalStar Sat-Fi

With Sat-Fi by Globalstar, use your existing Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive calls, email and SMS text messages* over the newest, most modern satellite network. Whether on land or at sea, up to 8 Sat-Fi users will be able to maintain reliable connectivity when beyond cellular with one Sat-Fi device. Experience the industry’s best voice quality and the fastest data speeds, all at an affordable price.


iridium_go_satellite_wifiIridium GO!™

Iridium GO! is a personal communications revolution. Break free with the first reliable global connection for voice and data on smartphones and tablets. No worries. No roaming charges. Just connected and in touch, wherever you are, whenever you need. Think of it as your very own global cell tower.