Kenwood in vehicleTwo way Radios are hand-held or in vehicle wireless communication devices that are used to send voice or data messages one-to one or one-to-many over radio frequencies within a certain range.

  • Battery Operated (need to be recharged periodically through a car jack or charging unit)
  • Can communicate with any radio on the same frequency if it is within range
  • Available in licensed VHF & UHF and unlicensed formats

Many companies use two way radios. Chances are many companies you wouldn’t even think of use some type of two way radio in their operation.

Transportation – highway, logging, gravel trucks, buses, taxis, airports, transport and container ships

Manufacturing – Factories, Bakeries, Machine ships, Concrete and Blacktop plants

Public Services – Police, Fire, Ambulance, Public Works, Towing Companies

Government – Forestry, Highways, Border Patrol

Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Arenas, Recreation and Conference CentresNX-200FullKey

If your company’s employees are primarily located on- site, Kenwood portable two- way radios can provide the right solution to help them stay connected, enhance safety, strengthen security and boost efficiency.

Contact Pacific CoastCom and speak to a Kenwood Solution expert to learn:

  • How to identify your organization’s frequency needs
  • Which features to look for to get maximum return on your investment
  • the selection of Kenwood portable radio available at every budget

Here are some resources about our most popular 2-way radios: