It may be a surprise to many people that the average cost of a smartphone in 2015 was $1000. Pacific CoastCom provides an inexpensive way to protect that investment from accidents that happen at home and on the job.

Consider this:

Have you ever…or rather could this happen to your device?


  • Accidentally dropped your device in a pool, lake, washroom
  • Accidentally dropped your device and crack the screen
  • Spilt a beverage on your device
  • Stepped on your device

There is little that can happen to your SmartPhone that would not be covered by the Pacific CoastCom Service Plan +.

For $119.00*, the plan will

  • Extend the manufacturer’s warranty to 2 years from date of purchase
  • Provide coverage for up to 2 incidents of accidental damage due to handling coverage (drops and spills), each subject to a $69* deductible

*for iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 models, the one time cost is $169 with $129 deductible

The Pacific CoastCom Service Plan + also provides all these extras, making it an excellent value!

  • Free SIM Card ( $15 value)
  • Free Loaner device ($25 value)
  • No charge Email setup & Phonebook transfer ($35 value)
  • No charge ESN changes ($25 value)
  • No Charge Software updates ($10 value)

Accidents Happen.

Protect your new device with a case, a screen protector and the PCCSP +